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Architectural Services

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Services and Management

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Renewable Energy

Residential PV & Industrial rooftops installations

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And Management

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Renewable Energy Services

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations
  • Commercial and residential market rooftop installations
  • Residential PV rooftop installations
  • Industrial rooftops installations
  • Hybrid PV Systems solution
  • Mini Grid Installations and construction
  • All off-grid solutions
  • Rural electrification solutions

Construction Services and Management

  • Heavy Construction
  • Light Construction
  • Building Construction : General housing projects - Cluster houses - Dura walls, driveways, pavements
  • Industrial rooftops installations
  • Mining projects

Urban Planning and Management

  • Structural and development planning
  • Master planning and air ports planning
  • Land-use planning
  • Town and rural planning and development services
  • Urban management
  • Urban and Rural settlements Designing
  • Environmental Planning and management

Architectural and Urban Design Services

We undertake a wide range of other projects, as they are administration and office buildings, schools, buildings for science and technology within laboratories, structure and development planning for public and private clients, urban development planning and old town refurbishment.

Project Management in the Built Environment

  • Scheduling
  • Cost planning
  • Tracking
  • Supervision

About Us

Since our incorporation in 1981, we've grown from a regional organization to a multi-faceted, national presence in the industry with headquarters in New York.

  • Professional Staff

    We employ full-time seasoned professionals who work closely with you.

  • Regular Reporting

    Our clients get instant reports on every stage of our construction projects.

  • Quality Materials

    We use the building materials of the highest possible quality.

Looking for a high quality constructor for your project?

Our goal is always to deliver unparalleled quality in line with each project’s unique vision.

We have an extensive and diverse construction portfolio that spans restoration, renovation, new construction, and interiors. Many projects blend these areas of expertise and involve innovative structures.

Top Project provides reliable and accountable construction services for companies that are already working with architectural firms and designers. We are committed to a transparent and comfortable construction process, providing access and open communication throughout development for greater certainty.


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